Over the years of owning Alberg 37s, members have undoubtedly experienced happenings of interest relating to safety while working on their A-37s and  while sailing their boats.  We believe that there is no such thing as an "accident", inasmuch as safety related events are caused by human error interacting with the laws of physics (and nature). 

We solicit articles that can make the whole "adventure" of owning a great boat more safe while making members more safety conscious. This section of the web site should be considered a form of "Confessional", in which no blame is inferred nor implied.

- Tom Assenmacher (SHEARWATER) - Finger injury and lessons learned (September 2006).

-John Hughes (SARAH) - Locked in Cockpit Locker......Lessons Learned (September 2006).

-John Hughes (SARAH) - Electrical and Fueling Lessons Learned (July 2007)

- Boat US Hurricane Resource Website (July 2008)

- Safety Standards for Backyard Boat Builders  - This USCG pamphlet is a simplified explanation of Federal recreational boat construction requirements intended for the use of the non-professional, individual builder.

- Potential Fire Hazard - A short article on an AC wiring problem on a 1981 MK-II Sloop, which could pose a potential fire hazard.  Submitted by John Rilett, of Hilton Beach, Ontario.

-Life Sling Problem - What happens when a mouse or a squirrel chews through the retrieval line on a Life Sling.  Submitted by Tom and Kaye Assenmacher, of Kinsale, VA.

- SHEARWATER Survives Hurricane IRENE (27-28 August, 2011).  A short account of the preparation for Hurricane IRENE, the actual storm, and the follow-up. (Posted 9/4/2011)

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