Potential Fire Hazard

Posted 8/6/2011

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I want to alert Alberg owners about a potential fire hazard.

All the AC wiring on my Alberg 37 was non marine wire and was showing it's age.  My ground fault interrupter kept popping off when I tried to use the several of the AC outlets.  So I decided it was time to replace all old wire with marine grade wire.  When I was removing the wire from the shore power inlet I noticed a bare wire.  This was not apparent on casual inspection because the cable had electrical tape wrapped around it.  The tape was old and friable and easily fell apart exposing the bare wire.  My first thought this was the ground, but I quickly dismissed that idea.  It was apparent that the insulation had burned off the black or positive wire and melted some of the inlet receptacle and scorched the bulkhead.  The shore power was still working so I'm unsure how long the problem had existed.  If you haven't inspected your shore power connection, it might be a good idea to do so. 

Back Side of Shore Power Receptacle


Submitted by:

John Rilett

MOLLIKET - Alberg 37 MK-II Sloop (Hull # 218)
Hilton Beach, Ontario