2011 A-37 Fall Rendezvous

A-37 IOA, Kinsale, VA

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OK - Quit Looking So Smug!! Polly and Rod (Mercker) With Linda (Newbould) In Background. Rachel Found a Meatball in Her Pasta! Rachel, The Happy Crab Eater! Ron-Wayne-Cindy - Why Is Wayne So Stern Looking!
Round Table 'Discussion' - Jerry - Wayne - The 'Other' Wayne - Lou (Wayne) - Joran Sherrill & Becky (Crab Soup)! Sherrill - Wayne- Cindy (The Other Cindy) Sherrill And Becky - 'This Is Too Much Work'! Steamed Blue Crabs In The Garage
Sunday Morning - Another Round Table Discussion - Jean - Wendy (DeVries) - Kaye - Henk (DeVries). Sunday Morning Breakfast - Chocolate Chip Cookies - Quiche - and Cake!!! Sure Is Hard To Get A Good Group Photo.. Susan (Poole) And Linda (Newbould_ The 'Gam' - Cindy - Wayne - Joran - Ron.