2011 A-37 Fall Rendezvous

A-37 IOA, Kinsale, VA

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A Sailing Yarn Being Spun - Linda-Kip-Jim! Becky And 'Sleepy' Wayne! Becky Telling Jerry To 'Put Down That Beer'! Chesapeake's Harvest! Cindy (Strahm) Taking A Break!
Cindy and Wayne Milroy Deer Caught In The Headlights! Don (Polifka) and Jean (Wayne) Fried Chicken Livers In Work! Hey Wil! No Fair Sneaking!
Jim Poole and Don In 'Serious' Discussion! Jim Poole, Don and Judy Polifka Joran (Gendell) Finishing Dinner! Lin (Gendell) Finished Her Plate! Lou Wayne and Henk DeVries