The 17th Annual




Saturday/Sunday, September 19-20, 2009

At The Assenmacher Dock

Kinsale, VA  

17th Annual Alberg 37 Fall Rendezvous Held!

The 17th Annual Alberg 37 Fall Rendezvous was held the weekend of 19-20 September, 2009.  Additional information and photos are available on the A-37 web site.  Our thanks to Karen Larson of GOOD OLD BOAT magazine for sending 2 complimentary subscriptions for the Rendezvous Raffle.

Members attending were: Tom and Kaye Assenmacher (SHEARWATER); Wil Hewett (FLORENCE GRAY); Rob Lee (HERON)  Kip and Linda Newbould (MISCHIEF); Lou and Jean Wayne (PIKA); Brian and Cathy Marsh (TUNDRA); Wayne and Sherrill Bower (TEELOK); Henk and Wendy DeVries (PAWBEE).  Alberg 37's in attendance were: SHEARWATER; PIKA, and MISCHIEF.

Others attending were: Jerry and Becky Knop: Ralph and Carol Hutton; Sandy and David Romer; Richard and Carol Hackett; and Geoff and Bunkey Cunliffe. Randy Cole, of Denver, CO (an A-37 WANNABEE) flew in for the weekend and spent hours inspecting the A-37s in attendance, and talking with the various owners.  Randy got to experience the A-37 first hand by spending the night on SHEARWATER, and going for a short sail on MISCHIEF.

 Fair weather greeted attendees at the kickoff pot luck supper on Friday evening.  We had spectacular early Fall weather for the weekend - on Saturday for the traditional 'crab feast' on the dock where a bushel and a half of the 'Chesapeake Finest' blue crabs were consumed, followed by a bushel of home-grown steamed (scalded) Chesapeake Bay Oysters.  Later on Saturday evening we consumed gallons of  Becky Knop's 'Need New Lips' crab soup, coupled with a hamburger cookout  (another tradition).  Of course, the entire weekend was taken up by lots of 'boat talk', and a continual 'GAM'.

Sunday dawned with again very nice early Fall weather, and as true 'ALBERGERS', we struggled on with a pot luck breakfast. Needless to say, no one went hungry this weekend. All attendees voted the event a huge SUCCESS.  Our thanks to all who attended.


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