16th Annual Alberg 37 Fall Rendezvous Held!

The 16th Annual Alberg 37 Fall Rendezvous was held the weekend of 27-28 September, 2008 at the Assenmacher Dock in Kinsale, VA..    

Our thanks to Karen Larson of GOOD OLD BOAT magazine for sending 2 complimentary subscriptions for the Rendezvous Raffle.


Members attending were: Tom and Kaye Assenmacher (SHEARWATER); Wil Hewett (FLORENCE GRAY); Rob Lee (HERON) who attended by boat; Ian Dunn (VECTIS); Joran Gendell and Lin Hayes (ELIXIR); Kip and Linda Newbould (MISCHIEF); Lou and Jean Wayne (PIKA). 

Alberg 37's in attendance were: SHEARWATER; PIKA, and HERON. 


Others attending were: Don and Angela Manning (and friends); Jerry and Becky Knop: Ralph and Carol Hutton; Sandy and David Romer; Richard and Carol Hackett; and Geoff and Bunkey Cunliffe.


Rainy and stormy weather greeted attendees at the kickoff pot luck supper on Friday evening.  The weather broke and cleared somewhat on Saturday in time for the traditional 'crab feast' on the dock where a bushel of the 'Chesapeake Finest' were consumed, followed later Saturday evening with Becky Knop's 'Need New Lips' crab soup, another tradition.  Of course, the entire weekend was taken up by lots of 'boat talk', and a continual 'GAM'.


Sunday dawned cloudy and showery, but nonetheless, as true 'ALBERGERS', we struggled on with a pot luck breakfast featuring scrambled egg sandwiches on English muffins by Bunkey Cunliffe.  Later on Sunday, we consumed a large amount of roasted oysters, home grown by oyster gardeners Tom and Kaye Assenmacher.


Prizes were awarded to those members traveling the farthest which included a complimentary subscription to GOOD OLD BOAT.  These were awarded to Ian Dunn (VECTIS) who drove down from Connecticut, and to Rob Lee (HERON) who flew in from Steamboat Springs, CO.  (Rob keeps HERON in nearby Port Kinsale Marina. and arrived a few days earlier to prepare HERON for him and his family's fall cruise of the Chesapeake). 


A prize of an Alberg 37 Pennant was awarded to Kip and Linda Newbould for the most improved Alberg 37.  They are in the process of restoring the 1970 MK-I Sloop MISCHIEF (ex-TEVAKE).


Although not the greatest of weather for the Rendezvous, all attendees voted the event a huge SUCCESS.  Our thanks to all who attended.


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