October 13 - 14, 2007


Hampton Hall Branch, Yeocomico River  
Kinsale , VA.

(On Virginia 's Beautiful and Historic Northern Neck)

GPS Coordinates:

38-01.262 N 076-34.417 W


Annual Alberg 37 Rendezvous

The 2007 Annual Fall Rendezvous was held at the Assenmacher dock on the Yeocomico River , near Kinsale , VA on the weekend of October 13-14, 2007 .  Festivities actually began on Friday evening with an “All Hands” Happy Hour  at TJ and Kaye’s home AND dock in Kinsale.

The weather was cool and clear, so outdoor activities were possible. “Boat Talk” and photo ops of the attending boats was the order of the day.  Pot luck breakfasts, lunches and dinners were enjoyed by all. The following Alberg 37s were present: SHEARWATER – 1975 MK-II Yawl ( Tom and Kaye Assenmacher, Kinsale , VA ); PIKA – 1967 MK-I Sloop (Lou and Jean Wayne, Rochester , NY );  ELIXIR – 1984 MK-II Yawl (Joran Gendell and friend Lin Hayes, Williamsburg , VA ); FLORENCE GRAY – 1982 MK-II Yawl (Wil Hewitt, Callao , VA ) .

Not All Attendees Are In The Photo

Other members attending (without their boats) included: Rob Lee, of Denver . Co (HERON); Wayne and Sherrill Bower, Bowie, MD, (TEELOK); Henk and Wendy DeVries, Cobourg, ON (PAWBEE); Ron and Cindy Strahm, Independence, MO (ENVY); Kip and Linda Newbould, Coles Point, VA (TEVAKE) – Kip and Linda did arrive by boat, but aboard their 26’ Morris Frances RASCAL, as TEVAKE is about to undergo a major refit.

Other attendees included: Ex-A-37 owners Geoff and Bunkey Cunliffe, of Mississauga, Ontario, who are heading south aboard their Lagoon 410 catamaran PARTY OF TWO; Becky and Jerry Knop, Reisterstown, MD;  Sandy and David Romer (who are also heading south aboard their Cape Dory 35 TUMBLEWEED; friends Rod and Polly Mercker, Lottsburg, VA; Carol and Richard Hackett (aboard their Shannon 38 Sloop KILISSA); and  J.C. and Joy Waters, Kinsale, VA.

Saturday afternoon featured a Chesapeake Bay Crab Feast where a bushel of steamed Blue Crabs were consumed on the dock by attendees (a few folks wouldn’t touch those things – which left more for us “Crab Lovers”)!!  Following the Crab Feast, TJ steamed a bushel of fresh oysters over an open pit fire (Chesapeake Bay Style).  Again, a few folks wouldn’t touch the oysters, which left more for the “Oyster Lovers”!!  Later that evening, Becky Knop served her famous “Need New Lips” Crab Soup (highly seasoned, of course – hence the name coined by Marcel Steinz years ago “Need New Lips”)! 

Sunday dawned bright and cool, with folks recovering from all the food consumed the previous day.  Several boats departed mid- morning for home.

The highlight of Sunday’s events was an afternoon cruise aboard J.C. Water’s 65’ steel schooner, THE SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCE .  Several  A-37 folks went along as crew, and THE SPIRIT OF INDEPENDENCE staged a wonderful performance in about 10 kts of breeze.  J.C. spent over 9 years building the boat at his boatyard in Independence, Missouri where she was launched in September, 2005, sailing down the Mississippi River, the Ohio River, etc., then across the Gulf of Mexico to the Florida Keys, then eventually finding her way to the Yeocomico River in early 2006

On Monday morning, TUMBLEWEED,  along with PARTY OF TWO departed on their long trek south for the winter.  Several other boats left on Tuesday.

A great time was had by all!!!! 

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