13th Annual Alberg 37 International Owners Association Rendezvous


The 13th annual Alberg 37 International Owners Association Rendezvous was held at the Port Whitby Marina in Whitby, Ontario on 25-26 June, 2005. 21 Alberg 37s were represented at the Rendezvous, with 9 Alberg 37s physically present.

Special Thanks and Appreciation to the hosts, Wayne and Cindy Milroy whose planning, resourcefulness, and friendship made the rendezvous a resounding success. 

Also grateful thanks are extended to the Staff and Personnel of the Port Whitby Marina, who went out of their way to provide for our every need; to Becky Knop for expertly handling the registration process; to all the members (and friends) who attended and contributed immeasurably to a most successful rendezvous; and to Alex Magnone of co-located Whitby Boat and Specialty Woodwork, LTD, who provided a tour of his facility on Sunday morning.

The following members and Alberg 37s were represented at the Rendezvous:

SHEARWATER (1975 MK-II Yawl, #157) - Tom and Kaye Assenmacher

CAPRICORN (1969 MK-I Sloop, #36) - Roy and Doreen Carter

CARELLEN* (1975 MK-II Sloop, #139) - Rick, Graham, Gladys and Paula Humphrey

FINALE* (1988 MK-III Sloop, #248) - Terri and Alan Pateman

JOINT VENTURE* (1975 MK-II Yawl, #147) – Ken and Anita Tillotson

LEEWAY II* (1984 MI-II Yawl, #233) - Wayne and Cindy Milroy (Rendezvous Hosts)

MAGGY FIELDS IV* (1975 MK-II Sloop, #142) - Gordon  Martin

MARIGOT (1968 MK-I Sloop, # 26) – Dan Oswald and Susan Payette

MAROONED* (1981 MK-II Sloop, #217) – Frank LaValley

OFFLINE (1984 MK-II Sloop, #235) - Ted Richman

PAT-SEA (1979 MK-II Yawl, # 201) - Pat and Bill Shrader

PAWBEE (1973 MK-II Yawl, # 118) - Henk and Wendy DeVries

PIKA (1967 MK-I Sloop w/midship galley, #20) - Lou and Jean Wayne

POSSESSION* (1973 MK-II Yawl w/cutter rig and teak decks, #110) - Mike and Karen Johnston

SEA CYCLE* (1973 MK-II Yawl, #102) – Mark and Debbie Crowe

SHEARWATER (1975 MK-II Yawl, #157) - Tom and Kaye Assenmacher

SOUTHERN CROSS (1977 MK-II Sloop w/cutter rig, #180) - Marcel and Karen Steinz

THE EVERDEN (1979 MK-I Sloop, #200) – Geoff and Bunkey Cunliffe

TIGGER (1969 MK-I Sloop, #49) – Ron and Eileen Holmes (Currently cruising in Malaysia – first time home in 10 years – have been cruising aboard TIGGER since the mid 1980s).

TUNDRA (1977 MK-II Sloop, #181) – Brian and Kathy Marsh

VECTIS* (1967 MK-I Sloop, #18) – Ian Dunn (Boat in process of being restored by Whitby Boat – Ian could not attend.)

* A-37s which were physically present at the Rendezvous

Also attending by boat were Taff and Dillis (friends of Geoff and Bunkey Cunliffe) who live aboard their steel yacht TAFF A DILL.

Others attending the event were Wanita Gray along with Becky and Jerry Knop.

Much "boat talk" and boat tours took place during the day long activities. Saturday’s events culminated in a social hour at 1600 and a BBQ (with Chef Wayne Milroy at the controls) at 1800. 

Some members attended a Brunch at the Marina on Sunday morning, followed by a short tour by Alex Magnone of the co-located Whitby Boat and Specialty Woodwork, LTD.

Our apologies to anyone we missed -

Again, the Alberg 37 International Owners Association thanks our hosts, Wayne and Cindy, for their tireless efforts, and the Port Whitby Marina for the use of their facilities for our Rendezvous.


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