By Karen Kinnear and Marcel Steinz


The annual Alberg 37 International Owners Association Rendezvous was held in Kinsale, Virginia on the weekend of September 28th. And what a rendezvous it was! Kaye and TJ Assenmacher (SHEARWATER #157) hosted this get together at their beautiful home on the banks of the Yeocomico River off the Chesapeake. Their docks and home became a festive site for guests to enjoy.


Ron and Kaye Surley (MY GIRL #174) came by air from Dallas Texas. Attending from Canada were Bunky and Geoff Cunliffe (THE EVERDEN #200*), Karen Kinnear and Marcel Steinz (SOUTHERN CROSS #180*) and Dave and Patti Kent. Bunky and Geoff arrived by boat after sailing the Chesapeake for the summer, and are on their way south to the Caribbean. Marcel, Karen, Dave and Patti all drove down from Oakville for the weekend. Southern Cross is wintering at the Assenmacher dock this year.

Also arriving by boat were Sherrill and Wayne Bower (TEELOK #178) sailing from the Magothy River, Maryland. Other Alberg 37 owners attending were Jane and Charlie Deakyne (SCRIMSHAW #152), Bruce McFarland (TARDIS #510) from Wilmington, Delaware. Joining the group were Junior and Irvanette Hall from Park Hall, Maryland; Bob and Betty Hayes, Leonardtown, Maryland; and Rob and Sue Sloan on THE BABY (an Alberg 37 wanabee) from St. Inigoes, Maryland. One cannot forget Becky Long (SOLSKIN II, #58) and Jerry Knop from Reisterstown, Maryland.

The Rendezvous got underway with a Friday evening happy hour followed by a BBQ where Marcel cooked up some great burgers. Time passed quickly as everyone became re-acquainted and traded stories of recent adventures. Saturday dawned bright and clear, the beginning of a perfect day of weather for outdoor activities. Everyone enjoyed a buffet breakfast laid on by our hosts and many of the guests present. The four A37’s at the dock proved to be the morning’s main attraction as owners compared vessels and talked over various upgrades, modifications and repairs. Since Ron and Kaye (MY GIRL #174) have yet to actually sail their Alberg, they welcomed the chance go out with Geoff, Dave and Jerry on THE EVERDEN and take the wheel under full sail on the Potomac River. All aboard enjoyed a great sail on this bright and breezy day! Meanwhile, many of those not sailing took the opportunity to explore and do some local shopping in the Kinsale area.

Back at Tom and Kaye’s, dozens of Tom’s homegrown oysters were being steamed over an open fire for a mid-afternoon feast. Very shortly after the oysters were devoured, everyone gathered down on the dock to dive into bushels of blue crabs. Messy to eat but when you can just toss the shells into the river or roll them up in the paper table cloths it is lots of fun. By the time happy hour arrived everyone was already quite happy. And then there was dinner! This was another fine spread served buffet style. Of course the highlight of the meal was Becky’s "Hot Lips" crab soup. No one went to bed hungry this day! After dinner, Tom and Kaye presented some awards and door prizes and the socializing and story telling kept everyone laughing late into the evening.

After breakfast on Sunday, it was time to begin the good-byes. The four Canadians from Oakville left early and others left during the day or the following morning.

This rendezvous turned out to be a great success on all counts and will long be remembered by all those present. Many thanks to Tom and Kaye Assenmacher for opening up their beautiful home to us and for being such thoughtful and gracious hosts.

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