By Bill Hartman (SAUCY)

While recently replacing shift and throttle cables on SAUCY (1982, hull #230), I loosened the steering cable in order to check the condition of the cable and sheave pins. On my last boat at approximately the same age I had found severe wear on the pins (in spite of constant lubrication), so felt it was prudent to check SAUCY's. ..I found them to be severely worn/weakened. Both the previous owner and I had kept the pins lubricated, but it is clear either that the lubrication was not reaching the critical areas, or the bronze pins are not hard enough. (See accompanying Photo).

I suspect that galling of the metal on the surface of the bronze pin lead to partial seizure of the pin in the sheave. As on my last boat, I replaced the pins with stainless steel clevis pins (3/8"), and lubricated them well prior to assembly. On the last boat I could find no visible wear on the stainless pins after 5 years of use, so I am certain that this is a "permanent" fix. In addition, in a conversation with Edson, I found that they have used stainless pins exclusively since 1989. This would make a good safety check for owners. It is fairly easy to do, and I would hate to have a pin break (with consequent steering loss) while at sea or under storm conditions