Seems like as we get older, we cannot always remember where we “put things” in our 1975 MK-II Yawl, SHEARWATER.  This spring, in anticipation of the 2004 sailing season, we developed a “Provisioning Diagram”, with all (probably only most) of the “nooks and crannys” numbered on a scanned interior plan of the MK-II (from some old sales literature).

We have been keeping a "spiral binder" notebook in which to list items of inventory and their location.  However, this system could be easily converted to a database or spreadsheet format and kept on a laptop or PDA if desired.  We have found it quite helpful to keep track of "boat stuff".  

(If you wish to download the diagram, simply "right click" on the diagram and follow the "Save Picture As..." option on the drop down menu.)