RA Receives Bow Thruster
By Kurt Osterhoff
Arlington, TX

We received the following information in late March 2009 (via email) regarding Kurt Osterhoff’s installation of a Bow Thruster on his 1969 MK-I Sloop RA (previously known as TANIA AEBI).  Kurt is performing the installation himself at the Deltaville (Virginia) Boat Yard.

“Hi Tom,

I've been back at Deltaville Boat Yard since mid January continuing work on Ra -- plodding along slowly.

They moved RA to the far north end of the yard for the winter and they would have to move several boats to get to her, so I haven't asked them to do anything since I've been back.

After reading an archived article in Sailing Magazine about a guy who installed his own bow thruster I've decided to give this a try myself -- attached are some photos of my progress thus far (End of March, 2009).


The Following Are Photos And Short Write-Ups Provided By Kurt:


Photo/Write-Up 1

Photo/Write-Up 2


Photo/Write-Up 3


Photo/Write-Up 4

Here is a link to brief photo documentary of a bow thruster installation: http://oya.com/others/thruster.php

Here is a link to an installation video by Lewmar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LsJoL1YNVes

To Be Continued!


Posted 3/6/2009