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Rudder and prop

Name: Jose C. de Leon
Category: General/Other
Date: 25 Aug 2004
Time: 12:02:08
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Has anyone had a problem when throwing the wheel all the way over to one side where the prop hits the rudder. I am not sure whether this is what is happening but I get a very loud vibrating noise when backing and I take the wheel over to either side. When I first bought my boat there were some marks on the rudder that the previous owner explained off as that the boat yard had caused some damage to the boat. Just this past weekend the noise happened again (it is a rather terrible racket, only happens while backing) about a hour later I lost my steering. It seems that the cable had come out of the quadrant. Is it possible that if there is too much play in the steering cable or the cable has somehow streched that the ruder could hit the prop??? Additionally, in one of the maintenance articles there was a discussion of the changing of the sheave pins in the steering from bronze to steel. One of the comments was that it was rather simple to do. How is that? Is there something I am missing? It was rather difficult for a friend to get into the port lazzarette in order to work on the cable. Is there another way or do I need to start teaching my 8 year old how to help me make repairs? It all workd out since it seemed that the entire steering mechanism was in sad need of greasing. Thanks for the help, Jose

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