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Re: Mark II companionway hatch

Name: Joran
Category: Maintenance
Date: 24 Aug 2004
Time: 13:42:17
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Thanks for the feedback John. I understand your description perfectly and it sounds like a good solution for the Mark I. Unfortunately, the mark II design is significantly different. It has "C" shape rails on the cabin top. The wooden hatch has continuous grooves on the inside to run on the rails. Last night I got the hatch off. I did have to remove the spray hood and the rails. It still would not pass under the teak facing of the dodger's coaming untill I completly removed the forward lip from the hatch. There has to be a better way. Even as I removed the screws holding the forward lip, the curve of the plywood top flattened. I'm now considering a stainless steel flat band strap, to run port to starboard at the leading edge. This I think will hold the "chord" in the top and keep the forward end of the hatch rails at the correct spacing. Still open to alternative suggestions. Joran

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