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Re: Mark II companionway hatch

Category: General/Other
Date: 23 Aug 2004
Time: 23:18:26
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Joran asks: has anyone modified the hatch to make for easy removal? On the mark I, the hatch slides on two bronze rails (1/16" x 1" x 50", roughly). These stick out a little on their outer edge, and there are small bronze pieces screwed into the wood of the hatch (the Mark I's used wood rather than glass hatches) which catch under this lip. Then there's a fiberglass cover over the forward end (which I call a "spray hood"). When I decided to refinish my hatch (and eventually, to rebuild it) I modified the starboard rail by cutting a pair of notches in it so that the little bronze pieces could both lift up when the hatch was all the way open. The hatch then can slide to the closed position, slightly tilted to port; at that point, I jiggle a little and the two port "tabs" come free from beneath the port rail, and the whole thing can lift up. The aft edge lifts enought to get it over the upright drop-board supports, and the forward edge tries to catch on the lip of the fiberglass molding, but with a little oomph I can bend the spray hood about 1/8" and manage to get it to slip off. This lets me bring it home each winter for varnishing in my basement, while I replace it with the old one, which is getting shabbier and shabbier looking as the years pass, but still keeps the rain out. :-) I can take photos next time I'm at the boat in case my description isn't really very clear. -John

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