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Re: Balsa core wetness

Name: garth
Category: General/Other
Date: 20 Aug 2004
Time: 13:48:55
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i've had good luck almost drilling through weith a 3/16 bit and then using a 1 inch countertsink bit to make a funnel shape. i drill tyhese holes on about 1 inch centers, let things dry and then inject epoxy. when installin anything in a cored deck i always overbore, fill with epoxy and then rebore the correct size. i always bed witgh polysulfide, never 5200. i'm the yard carpenter in san carlos, mexcico and have a lot of excperience with this type of repair. use a hairt ndryer to hasten drying. there is no balsa corfe on my mark one. are you sure asbout your core?

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