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Re: bottom paint

Name: John Hughes
Category: General/Other
Date: 22 Jul 2004
Time: 15:34:55
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Remote User: jfh


Kaye asked: In regards to bottom paint, what are you using? How many gallons did you apply, what kind did you use, and how often do you have to redo it and are you happy with it? We just put a barrier coat on (after it set up on the hard for 3 years!). Answer: I've been using Interlux Micron CSC for the last 6 or 7 years, ever since I did a barrier-coat job on Sarah. It takes a bit more than a gallon. My strategy is to look for spots where the barrier coat shows through, and apply paint there, and to other likely spots (rudder, near prop, bottom of keel, leading edge) rather than building up coverage everywhere. She comes out reasonably clean each year. ON THE OTHER HAND...I strongly recommend that you ask folks in your area what works for them. Bottom paint is an area-specific thing, not a boat-specific thing. An A37 in the tropics is just like a Columbia 40 in the tropics, and both are totally different from an Alberg in Castine, Maine. --John

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