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chain plates back stay

Name: marc culver
Category: Hull/Rigging/Sails
Date: 19 Jul 2004
Time: 20:20:54
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Remote User: culver


I have just replaced my 2 back stay chain plates on my Mark II. I increased all of the wire to 9/32 and the lower backstay wire to 1/4 ". The three pin tri plate was changed for half inch pins. I pulled out the old chain plates to replace them for half inch pins. I am using Norseman mechanicals fittings all around. To remove the chain plates I first had to grind off the fiberglass face around the box with a dremel (ugly job). One of the three screws holding the plate simply turned with the nut. It was necessary to hacksaw the head off. When I pulled out the laminated plywood I found small amount of rot and discovered that the builders has simply bored a small hole and inserted a nut and then putty other it. Frankly I think this is a mickeymouse method and I also beleive it is important to be able to view your chainplates at any time.The new chain plates required new holes and I used bolts aproximately quarter inch by three inches. I bought some threaded stainless inserts from West Marine. They also have an insert with 4 spikes which works very well also. I placed tape on the threaded inserts and packed thicken epoxy around the wood. I kept the 2 fiberglass sides to put the new piece of mahogany in. After it dried, I rapt glass mat around to seal it in. The chainplates fit on the outside and I beleive will be happier. By the way, the 1972 chainplates did not look that bad, but I did notice water was being retained behind them. I also drilled in the bottom of the mizzen of the chainplate boxes and water came out. I recommend that everyone consider this upgrade, if even just drilling a drain hole. Salut et fraternité Marc

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