Re: Interior Finish

Name: Tom
Category: Maintenance
Date: 15 Jul 2004
Time: 10:44:34
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Remote User: a37ioa


John, The first finish that we applied was when the boat was about 7 years old (1983) and the below decks woodwork was in nice shape except that the wood hand been "oiled" with what appeared to be "Old English" furniture polish, a sort of orangish brown finish that had probably been applied with a rag or mop, considering that a lot of the furniture polish was on the surrounding gel coat etc. We washed the wood with acetone and applied an oil based single part poly varnish. We also cleaned up the interior gelcoat with acetone and applied an oil based poly paint (probably Sherwin Williams - can't remember for sure). That lasted till 2 years ago - both the varnish and paint held up well, but was getting a bit dingey. The second time, as part of a general interior refit in 2002, we again used a single part poly varnish (oil based Parks Pro Finisher) and single part poly paint (oil based Ace Floor and Deck Enamel). We didn't remove the old varnish as it was in good condition, only sanded it with 120/220 sandpaper using an orbital sander where we could and hand sanded the rest, after washing down the entire interior of the boat with TSP substitute (you are right, you cannot by real TSP. The TSP substitute really does a great job in removing the grime/grease/etc., while slightly roughing up the surface to provide "tooth" for the paint/varnish. After the light sanding, we again wiped down the interior with TSP substitute followed by a water wipe down to get rid of any TSP substitute residue. We've had no problems with adhesion of either the paint or varnish. It was a big job, but since we had the boat torn apart anyway, it was easier to do a thorough job and the results were worth the effort.

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