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Re: Teak inserts cockpit seats, cabin hatch & rear hatch

Name: mario brunetta
Category: General/Other
Date: 30 Jun 2004
Time: 15:54:29
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Remote User: mbrunetta


I did this.Mk1 Hull#16. The seats had what appeared to be 1/4 or 3/16th inch teak plywood that was loose and broken. I removed them.They came up easily. I cleaned the area.I west epoxied teak strips 2 inches wide running lenthwise 3/16th of inch space between.Thickness was higher the rest of seat. I filled grooves with epoxy mixed with graphite. (for black color)It was even or a little higher then wood. Sanded it all down bringing wood as close as I could to surrounding fiberglass without scratching it.(Masked it off with tape to be sure in case sander hit it.Came out nearly perfect. Remade rear hatch and used same technique on top instead of the plywood.It's been at least 8 years still holding up well. Cetol was used on finished product over the teak and epoxy.Mixing the epoxy in that amount was a little tricky as the heat it generated can cause pinholes as it sets. There was some but they are minor cannot be seen unless you are a few inches away.Think ahaead as to the best way to fill the gooves .I used the west empty caulking tube If I remember correctly.If you get some on the teak it won't be a problem because you will be sanding it off.

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