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Re: Atomic 4 Replacement

Name: Jose C. de Leon
Category: Maintenance
Date: 30 Jun 2004
Time: 09:57:08
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Remote User: Blackbeard


Hi, I am in the process of replacing the Atomic Four engine on my boat. A couple of things, although replacement with a diesel seems to be the most attractive thing and I have caught alot of hell for putting in another A4, I have done my reserch and there is no reason why you should not consider another A4. My understanding is that Moyer Marine does a fine job with engines. Just be prepared to wait. My engine went during a trip from Mannitowoc, WI to Chicago on May 15th and yesterday I was told that even though the engine is in the boat and all I may not be in the water until thursday of this week and then they still have several things to do as I am adding a dedicated cranking battery bank, replacing instruments and replacing all the engine gauges which did not work. I also have to have all the old gas drained. the engine warranty will void if the old gas is used. It seems that according to my mechanics the reason for the thrown rod was likely very old bad gas and possibly old engine oil (I just purchased the boat and was told the maintenance was up to date and I had no reason not to believe). But I am digressing. What I did find out was that switching to a diesel, would mean new tanks or having the fuel tanks cleaned out. New exhaust system, new engine mounts, new shaft and new prop, and a new cooling system as the cooling water requirements are different for a diesel. Much more than I really wanted to spend at this point, so friends started sending me articles and I started to do some research. There is a good article on A4s in "Good Old Boat" which is available on line. In any case just remember A4s powered boats for many years and continue to do so and other new gasoline engines continue to power motor boats who for all intents and purposes should have the same safety concerns that we do. Finally, I believe that the new/rebuilt engines come with upgrades such as electronic ignition and a few other things. Good Luck and whatever you do,I hope you don't have to wait as long as I have. JC de Leon "Amazing Grace" previously "She 'N I"

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