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Re: Atomic 4 Replacement

Name: John Hughes
Category: General/Other
Date: 01 Jun 2004
Time: 17:50:48
Remote Name:
Remote User: jfh


How "in need" is it? And are you going to do the new installation yourself? If it's possible to get the boat from where it is to where you are without replacing the A4, it'd be a big win, I'll bet. Otherwise, you'll *have* to pay someone to do the whole job. There's just no way to plan to have an engine arrive somewhere, arrive there yourself, and do the installation in a fixed number of days before you start sailing, unless you're truly amazing at project planning. On Sarah (also a Mark I), the fuel tank is under the cockpit sole, and the water heater is in the bilge just about even with the "hanging locker". I replaced the old Mirax fuel tank with a new Tempo plastic one (18 gal) and the whole process went amazingly smoothly -- one not-too-long afternoon. So if you're thinking of switching to diesel, replacing the tank rather than getting it cleaned, etc., could be a win. Practical Sailor liked the Beta Marine diesels, as I recall. And if it'll *basically* fit, you can go a long way towards adapting it to the current mounting rails by having someone fabricate "extended legs" for the engine -- L-shaped pieces of steel that bolt to the engine the way that the engine mounting legs do, but that reach out further to one side or the other, to reach the old mount points. Glad to talk with you more about this if I can be of any help. Remove "NO" and "SPAM" from my address to mail me. -John

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