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Re: Westerbeke 4-107 over heating issues

Name: Marc Culver
Category: General/Other
Date: 24 May 2004
Time: 13:23:04
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Remote User: culver


Regardin the 4-107 overheating. When I left Boothbay, Maine in 98 headed south, my engine was overheating. I tried different coolants, different thermostats, installed hoses, changed coolant tank caps. I had a new oil and heat exchanger but cleaned them anyway, I rebuilt the raw and fresh water pumps, checked the intake, bleed the coolant at the bleed taps to remove any air, and uttered many words that are not in the bible... But to not avail, finally after reading the manuel I found a page didicated to the head gasket and a small line that stated : improperly torqued head can cause overheating. I removed the head and found I had a leaking head gasket. I installed a new one, torqued carefully and problem gone. Marc (Folie Douce)

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