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Re: engine mounts

Name: Tom Assenmacher
Category: Maintenance
Date: 19 May 2004
Time: 17:58:02
Remote Name:
Remote User: a37ioa


Marc, The engine mounts (at least on our 1975 MK-II) are "bulletproof". The front mounts are "hollow" up to about 2" from the top, the walls being about 3/8" solid glass layup. Then there is a heavy layer of glass, in which an aluminum plate (about 6" x 2" x 5/8" thick) is embedded. The aluminum plate is drilled and tapped for the engine shock mounts. On top of the aluminum plate is a heavy glass layup of approximately 1/2". The rear mounts are similar, but are not built up as high as the front. The reason I know this is when we re-engined 2 years ago, I had to lower the front mounts about 3" due to the 8degree down-angle transmission that was used (which allowed the new engine to lay at a not too drastic angle). Believe me, the mounts are massive - they should take whatever loads are placed on them.

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