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Re: Marine Grade wire source

Name: Tom
Category: Maintenance
Date: 30 Apr 2004
Time: 08:03:42
Remote Name:
Remote User: a37ioa


Tom, Thanks for the web site for wire. Wish I had that site when I rewired our boat. I used wire from Waytek Wire, Inc. ( which had great prices, but had a limited selection of sizes and colors. I attached the zincs to the rudder gudgeon and the shoe using 1/4 x 20 SS allen screws (like those that normally come with zincs). Of course you could use silicon bronze machine screws also. Yes, the zinc for the cutless bearing housing bolts is attached to the fiberglass, again with a SS 1/4 x 20 allen screw that is directly tapped into the fiberglass on the port side of the hull adjacent to the stern tube. The glass in this area is quite thick (I tapped a hole about 1/2" - 3/4" deep and I didn't drill through the glass - suspect it's about 1" thick or so, and I bedded the screw with sealant (polysulfide). I built a short cable using tinned wire with soldered connections on each end. Has eliminated the electrolysis of the bolts, and also the stern tube. Tom

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