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Re: Hull Oil-canning/External Chain plates

Category: General/Other
Date: 26 Apr 2004
Time: 03:05:56
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Remote User: jfh


You wrote: Due to the rot in the plywood form for the chain plate tabbing, I ground off the face of the tabs and replaced the plywood and the chain plates. Gradually the hull has oil-canned where the tabs are attached. [...] The oil-canning varies from a depth of 1/4" to 5/16". The area is generally oval shaped. I am considering going to external chain plates positioned directly behind the present locations using the present chain plates as backing plates. I am slightly confused by your description. I've always thought of oil-canning as a kind of repeated deformation of a surface, like the bottom of an old-style oil can that you pressed to make oil drip out (as in the "The Wizard of Oz"). It sounds as if what you've got is just permanent deformation of the hull near the places where the chainplates attach. If I had to guess, I'd figure that whatever you put in to replace the old "glassed in wedge" (at least, that's what's on my Mark I) didn't reach as far down as the glass on the wedge did, and so you're deforming the hull there. Can you describe the size of the "oval shape"? One thought is that you might be able to mount the external plates with through-bolts to a piece of angle-stock which is bolted into something resembling those old wedges. But I think you might be better off removing the wedges entirely, putting in a proper backup plate to spread the load around a bit, and then bolting through to that. I know what a pain that would be, esp in the forepeak and head, but... When you remove those six chances for deck-leaks, you *will* introduce about 18 chances for leaks through the hull when you're heeled, of course. :-( -John

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