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Re: mast wires slapping

Category: General/Other
Date: 25 Apr 2004
Time: 14:19:09
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Tom's dead right, although I confess that I used the mast as ground in my rewiring, and I don't worry much about it. The connections are good, and current runs in them only very occasionally. No serious corrosion problems visible so far (about 8 years). I hated the slap-slap of the wires, and simple put them into pipe-insulation from Home Depot, making a 2" diameter "snake" whose inside was a wiring channel. I've never needed to run another wire, so this is really no better than the "bowtie" approach or the "make a bundle of wires and secure it with three wire-ties whose tails stick out at 120 degrees", and do so every 5 or 6 feet, which also works apparently. But I found that in harbor, on a quiet night, it sometimes helped to have everyone sleep on the starboard side, for instance, to heel the boat just a LITTLE, which kept the wires lying on one side of the mast. -John

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