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Re: mast wires slapping

Name: Tom
Category: Hull/Rigging/Sails
Date: 25 Apr 2004
Time: 06:54:23
Remote Name:
Remote User: a37ioa


One way is to use foam "bow ties" about every 4 feet. We used 6" sections foam pipe insulation attached perpendicular to the wire with plastic wire ties (use two wire ties Xed to hold the foam to the wire). Unfortunately, this requires the mast to be unstepped. Completely eliminated the "clanging" of the wires. Incidently, there is a conduit in our mast (1975 MK-II) which was nearly full when we unstepped the mast the first time, and we were installing a tricolor light/anchor light and new VHF lead, along with new wires to the spreader light. The original Whitby wiring used the mast as the ground which is a "NO NO". It also helps to keep in internal halyards tightly tied off.

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