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Hull Oil-canning/External Chain plates

Name: J R Murphie
Category: Hull/Rigging/Sails
Date: 21 Apr 2004
Time: 14:33:08
Remote Name:
Remote User: yachtmaja


MAJA and I have been together since 1979. I have run into a problem that I would appreciate advice about. PROBLEM: Due to the rot in the plywood form for the chain plate tabbing, I ground off the face of the tabs and replaced the plywood and the chain plates. Gradually the hull has oil-canned where the tabs are attached. The oil-canning is present at all six chain plates for the main mast. The worst is at the two upper stays. The oil-canning varies from a depth of 1/4" to 5/16". The area is generally oval shaped. I am considering going to external chain plates positioned directly behind the present locations using the present chain plates as backing plates. This will also allow me to eliminate the chain plate openings on the deck, thus removing six potential deck-leak areas. If anyone has any suggestions, has or has had a similiar problem, I would like to hear from you in detail. Best regards, J.R. Murphie

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