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Re: new engine

Name: Tom Assenmacher
Category: Maintenance
Date: 08 Apr 2004
Time: 07:46:56
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Remote User: a37ioa


Two years ago I replaced the Volvo MD-2B with the 37 HP Phasor (uses same engine as the Beta - a Kubota). Since this engine had the 8 deg down angle trans, that complicated the install considerably. Not only did I have to "narrow" the engine beds to accommodate the narrower engine mounts, I had two axial planes to consider. I obtained a dimensioned drawing of the engine/mounts/transmission assembly, then built a plywood mockup of the engine mounts, and transmission flange axis. I checked and double checked this mockup with the engine drawings and also against the actual engine/trans/mounts assembly (the drawing dimensions were very close to the actual measurements) while it was still on the delivery pallet. To rough in the actual shaft offsets, etc., I went to the local ACE hardware store and bought the straightest 1" dia dowell that I could find, and inserted it through the cutless bearing/stuffing box, which provided a good idea of how the assembly would fit. The mockup/shaft alignment tool (the dowell) made the actual install go quite easily. I think I was lucky, but when I dropped the engine into the boat, I only had to slightly adjust the engine mounts to allow the actual shaft to slip freely into the shaft coupling hole. The mockup was a big help - you don't want to have to take the engine in and out if you can help it!! Tom Assenmacher Kinsale, VA

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