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new engine

Name: Nick
Category: General/Other
Date: 08 Apr 2004
Time: 00:04:12
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Remote User: nblady


When installing a Yanmar GM30 into my 1972 Yawl, I did lift the engine in and out until I got it right. The engine mount rails were 18" apart centerline and the new engine was 15". After much anguish, I installed two 1/2" steel plates (loosely 'L' shaped) on top. This allowed one of the new engine mount holes to be placed thru the steel into the original mount rails. The second was placed just through the steel. The engine alignment problem was remedied by reconfiguring the cutless bearing hole. The old hole was not secure enough for the new I redrilled the hole to fit the alignment of the engine. I then wrapped the bearing in waxed paper and fiberglassed it into place. This took several times, not letting the glass cure completely. When finished I removed the wax paper and installed the bearing with 101 within the hole and 5200 as an external adhesive/sealant. That was in Feb 2003. No problems so far. If you are installing alum. rails inside the original one, I would suggest: 1-make dummy rails of 2X4 outside the boat and fit the new engine within it. It should be the same size and engine angle as the original bed. 2-a straight edge or lazer light off the original rails should give you the height offset you need to get to the cutless bearing. 3- the new engine may or may not have the same offset. This should help you determine if the alum. rails or engine with mounts need to be raised or lowered. 4- With the new alum rails keep in mind everything you need to do to service or access the engine. 5-with luck, you may only need to pull the engine two or three times to get it right. I used a block & tackle to the boom with the main halyard to aid in this process. 6-watch the overall length of the new engine...both for the for and aft placement and how much room you have for the stuffing box. (I don't have a lot) Good luck

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