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Cruising information

Name: Nick
Category: Cruising
Date: 31 Mar 2004
Time: 23:59:31
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Remote User: nblady


Turks & Caicos:Spent about 10 days passing through. East Caicos was supposed to have some dive bouys but never found them; anchored out; a huge marina was under construction(2003) at the north end. Anchored in Sapadillo Bay for two or three days. Never could find customs (Weekend). Went to town by hitching a ride with a local (very fast ride). Found an American style supermarket well-stocked and not prohibitive. East Caicos (Cockburn Town, I think) very small. Grocery even smaller. Local in Caicos were very friendly. Turks: Spent 5 days waiting for weather window at Sand Cay. Good anchorage from east winds, but no civilization. It was a great place to explore. Southern end has natural bridge and blow holes. North end split by shouls with numerous conch. Much of the island is covered with catcus (We made cactus candy). Luperon: My favorite place. Dominican Republic seems to have it all. Some sand, beaches, mountains, etc. Luperon has a year round cruising community. Mike will meet you coming in to ensure a troublefree entry. Great hurricane hole with plenty of water. Luperon itself is like a mexican border town. Once you get past the dock guard, small bars, etc. go for two blocks. Past them, it is very quaint. The city plaza seems like it was Cinqo de mayo all week. Took a motor scooter to Puerto Plata. Much larger than Luperon. Would definitely go back to DR. Nick Would Luperon or Porta Plata in the Dominican Republic be a better place to stay and restock? Are there haulout facilities? How much clearance should we give Cape Hartteras on the way back? Any comments would be appreciated.

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