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Re: outboard power

Name: Tom McMaster
Category: General/Other
Date: 22 Mar 2004
Time: 20:27:29
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Remote User: sojourn


Just because I carry gasoline aboard would not cause me to want to do away with my diesel engine. The auxilary engine offers many advantages that the outboard does not, including much safer fuel and most likely better economy. You can run a high output alternator, refrigeration etc. from the inboard diesel, something the outboard would not be able to handle. I'm not sure how you would eliminate any drag while sailing, the lower unit on a 25 hp motor it seems would create quite a bit of drag. Lifting a 25 hp fourstroke would get old in a hurry if that is what you had in mind to eliminate drag. You would lose quite a bit of useful storage space in an already small 37' design, and last but not least, why would you want to ruin the look of such a pretty stern?

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