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Re: outboard power

Name: Nick
Category: General/Other
Date: 22 Mar 2004
Time: 00:37:40
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Remote User: nblady


I have a 1971 yawl which had the engine removed when I bought the boat. The previous owner did exactly what you are thinking about. The aft lazarette was removed and enlarged. A hole about 1.5X1.5 feet was cut in the aft shear. A motor mount was added and a 9.8 Nissen long shaft engine was added. The lazarette hole then needed to be enlarged to accomodate the outboat handle...upward. The good news: the engine pushed the boat about 5 knots in fair seas. The bad news: When the water got choppy, the motor rises out of the water and can possibly overheat or lose the waterpump. I also witnessed water backwash into the well. I couldn't wait until I could put a real engine into my boat. I hope to go offshore and did not like the thought of a two square foot hole in the stern. Operating the outboard in the confines of the lazarette was something that had to be gotten used to. Even after experience, it was a knucklebuster. That was my experience. Nick

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