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Wiring plans and software

Name: John Hughes
Category: Electronics/Navigation
Date: 09 Mar 2004
Time: 12:34:56
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Remote User: jfh


I'm going to be doing a "drop in replacement" (hah!) of my engine this coming winter; at the same time, I'm hoping to neaten up and rationalize some of the wiring I re-did about 7 or 8 years ago. Looking forward to that time (and avoiding work) I started to think about software to help me out. Basically, the boat can be divided into "regions" and it's probably not a bad idea to have a kind of "harness" (like the one in your car) to carry power and other signals around. Certainly better than having one wire from the panel to the head run along the port side just behind the settee, and another run just under the cabinsole, and a third one run up the starboard side and across near the mast step, which is what ends up happening with ad hoc additions over the years. I'm not talking here about something all wrapped up in tape -- too hard to make changes, etc. -- but perhaps something that's at least partly bundled in that spiral-plastic stuff, and comes into the switch panels in bundles that are held together with a small wire-tie or two, etc. In short, something simple to trace, maintain, and work with. Does anyone know if there's any (free) software tool to help design such a harness? If not, I'll probably just write something :-(. But if there *is*, I'd love to know about it. If I get results, I'll post diagrams here. --John

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