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Re: riding sail

Name: John Hughes
Category: General/Other
Date: 06 Mar 2004
Time: 12:38:23
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Remote User: jfh


A long time ago someone mentioned a neat design for a riding sail that avoids the "tight as a board" issue: imagine two triangular sails sharing a single luff. The tack is at the boom (midway?), the head is somewhere on the backstay (or the topping lift, perhaps), and the two clews are taken to the two cleats on the after quarters. Thus when you're head-to-wind, the two "wings" are like a paid of backwinded sails. As you sheer off too port, for instance, the starboard sail has a higher angle of attack and exerts more force, returning the boat to head-to-wind. I've been meaning to make one of these for a couple of years. I've got an old jib someone threw out; I figure I can get about 3 or 4 tries out of that :-). I'll use the dimensions Garth mentioned as a starting point; I'll post pictures/drawings if I get anywhere. -John Hughes

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