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riding sail

Name: garth
Category: Hull/Rigging/Sails
Date: 02 Mar 2004
Time: 16:50:06
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Remote User: garth


i don't know about anyone else but my 37 kites horribly at anchor if left to her whims, arcing through almost 180 degrees in 50 knots of wind. as wind increases the problem gets worse and worse. as she reaches the end of her arc, she heels over and roars across to the other side putting one hell of a load on the anchor rode. to solve this problem i use a riding sail that attatchers to the bacvkstay and then sheets forward to a winch on the mast. this sail is 12 feet in length and 2 foot 6 inches wide at its widest. it is board flat and must be sheeted very tight. i use the main halyard to raise it and attatch the clew to my stern rail. this reduces my kiting to about 8 degrees either way and makes the boat very comfy at anchor. i have built several riding sails for other boats and most cruisers are very happy with their performance. it is necessary to move the boom all the way over on the traveler to keep ther riding sail from hitting the topping lift.

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