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Re: toe rail to deck seal

Category: General/Other
Date: 28 Feb 2004
Time: 02:06:05
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One more thing: if you replace the teak rail on which the traveller is mounted, you might want to consider the way it's attached to the hull. In my case, that was a set of five 3/8" bolts. Because 5 is an odd number, there was one bolt in the center...which meant that the nut was dead center in the lazarette. But dead center in the laz there's a little "knee" that's glassed in for stiffness, with the fiberglass HIDING the nut (arrgh!). When I first rebuilt that rail, I copied the old one exactly. Then I got smart, plugged that center hole, and put one on each SIDE of center. Now it's easy to install/remove that rail. Why does that matter? Well, I know it's odd, but I remove that rail, both coamings, the lazarette hatch, the companion slide, and the "drop boards" for the companionway each winter, take them home, and varnish them in the quiet and comfort of my own basement. The varnishing gets done over the winter, the surfaces are horizontal when I apply the varnish, and there's no blowing dust to get caught in it. But it means that I had to make all those things easy to remove, hence my sensitivity to the "trapped nut" issue. -John

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