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Re: toe rail to deck seal

Category: General/Other
Date: 28 Feb 2004
Time: 01:45:26
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Remote User: jfh

Comments the splices is where the problems tend to start. Whitby didn't make the slices as long as they should have (sigh). As for the mainsheet traveller rail -- I did the same thing a few years back, with the same sorts of problems...but the bolts/nuts were sticky for several reasons: 1. a few of the ones holding the traveller track on went through the same place that the 3/8" bolts holding the rail to the hull go -- there was metal-against-metal contact, which had bunged up the threads. 2. The whole traveller had been subjected to some nasty forces at some point, and things had gotten bent. 3. The traveller rail was not bedded very well, so there'd been a steady drip of salt water down over the threads all those years. It was probably number 3 that was the killer... For the toerail, part of the problem is that some sort of paint or gelcoat or something was applied (on Sarah, at least) AFTER the toerail was on, so many of the bolts have some of that on them, ready to gum up the threads as you work the nut off. But on the good side, most of them are NOT rusty (unless the leak's been going on for a long time). Still, removing the bolts and nuts has to be the first step in ANY solution for toerail leaks, so if the uncrewing doesn't work, a nut-cracker or grinder is the way to go, I guess... -John

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