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Re: NMEA data to two NMEA devices

Name: John Hughes
Category: Electronics/Navigation
Date: 15 Feb 2004
Time: 12:32:42
Remote Name:
Remote User: jfh


I believe that the NMEA0183 standard says something like "there's a fanout of 10 or so"; in other words, you can take one "talker" device -- usually your GPS -- and have it talk to many "listeners" (things like your radar, which you want to have display lat/lon, and maybe a repeater up on deck, and maybe your LCD-display depth-sounder, etc.) There are three wires in NMEA0183: ground, send data, and receive data. You need to connect the "send data" wire from your GPS to the "receive data" wire on your other devices. And all three ground wires should be connected as well. So a wiring diagram looks like this: <PRE> GPS RADAR DEPTH S---\ S(NC) S(NC) R \--------R-----------------R G ------------G-----------------G </PRE> where "NC" indicates "no connection", and S, R, and G denote "send", "Receive", and "ground", respectively.

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