Canadian Thanksgiving Day Observance in Kinsale on October 8


Geoff and Bunkey Cunliffe (previous owners of the 1979 Alberg 37 MK-II Sloop THE EVERDEN) of Mississauga, Ontario  and current owners of the Lagoon 410 Catamaran PARTY OF TWO, have kept their boat at our dock in Kinsale during the summers and early falls for the past couple of years while they returned home to Canada.  This year, they returned in early October to prepare their boat for another trip ‘South’.  Geoff  and Bunkey, along with their friend Della, together with friends Sandy and David Romer of Thunder Bay, Ontario, who ‘summered’ their Cape Dory 36 Cutter TUMBLEWEED at a local marina, decided to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving Day at our home in Kinsale. Wil Hewitt, who owns the 1984 MK-II Yawl FLORENCE GRAY also attended.  Sandy baked the turkey, and a joint effort by all concerned produced all the trimmings.  A joyous day was had by all.


The Feast is About to Begin!



Della, TJ, Geoff, Bunkey, Wil, and David



Geoff, Della, Bunkey, Kaye, TJ



That’s All That Was Left!  A Great Day of Thanksgiving and Friendship!