Thanks to the efforts of Charles and Jane Deakyne, the Annual Alberg 37 Winter Rendezvous on March 3, 2001 was a great success with the largest member participation ever.  The evening began with cocktails at the lovely Annapolis Yacht Club in downtown Annapolis followed by a wonderful dinner in the Yacht Club dining room.  Members attending were:  John and Becky Long (SOLSKIN II); friends Jackie and Teddy Tepper; Wayne and Sherrill Bower (TEELOK); Charles and Jane Deakyne (SCRIMSHAW); Gerry Warwick (ex AVALON) and friend Pat; Bryce and Suzanne Inman (TIDINGS); Michael and Joan Doucette (KINDRED SPIRIT); Tom and Kaye Assenmacher (SHEARWATER); Charles and Helen Bahn (RAVEN); and Alberg 37 “wannabees” Bill Beaver and Heather Bernhards.  Lots of good “boat talk” and exchanges of photos took place.


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