(Major Waves On The Atlantic Side Of Man O' War Cay - NOT The Famous Abaco Rage Sailing Vessel)

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Posted 3/13/2013

During the first 2 weeks of March, 2013, the North Atlantic Ocean has been somewhat in turmoil, due to huge winter storms off the coast of North America.  These storms have resulted in large swells and waves (locally called 'RAGES'), which having extremely long ranges of 'Fetch', not only roll into the eastern shoal areas of the Northwest Bahamas (The Abacos), but on the eastern shoal areas of all the Bahamas.   Although not particularly dangerous to property (except that property in low-lying areas), these 'RAGES' are of particular interest to boaters.  In the Bahamas, there are 'CUTS' between out-lying Cays, some of which are quite narrow and shallow.  These 'CUTS' can be extremely dangerous to boaters attempting to traverse the Cuts during a Rage. 

The Atlantic Side of Man O' War Cay is on the Right (Starboard) side of this photo.

The eastern shore (the Atlantic Ocean side) of Man O' War Cay (Abaco, Bahamas) has a reef roughly paralleling the Atlantic shore at a distance of about 2 Nautical Miles.  There have been many ship-wrecks on this reef, both in times past, but also in more modern times.


Please join us in a short visit along the shores of Man O' War Cay to view the "RAGE"!