Walking Tour Of Man O’ War Cay


Posted 2/26/2013

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Because Kaye and I spend a lot of time on Man O’ War Cay, aboard our 1975 MK-II Yawl SHEARWATER, we thought you may be interested in taking a ‘Walking Tour’ with us. 


The following photos (19 February, 2013) show most of the areas of Man O’ War Cay, including the ‘Settlement’ (some of the ‘out-islands’ do not have a ‘town name’ as such, but are commonly referred to as simply ‘The Settlement’).


Man O’ War Cay,
Abaco, Bahamas Looking North-East



The photos show a small amount of damage caused by Hurricane SANDY (October 2012), namely shrub damage, and some minor damage to docks, and some beach erosion.  Some damage was done in the low lying areas in the Settlement due to flooding caused by a high storm surge.


Man O War Cay is noted as a boat building center in the Abacos ever since first settled in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s, a tradition which is carried forward to the present time.  Houses and buildings built on Man O’ War Cay reflect the ‘shippiness’ in their design and construction, making them very resistant to hurricane damage.


We hope you enjoy the tour........


Please join us in a ‘Walking Tour’ of Man O’ War Cay

Tom and Kaye Assenmacher

Aboard SHEARWATER in Eastern Harbour, Man O’ War Cay, Abaco, Bahamas