Marsh Harbour, Abacos (February 2007)
SHEARWATER Southbound Cruise to the Bahamas.
Tom and Kaye Assenmacher (1975 A-37 MK-II)

a-Departing GTC for Marsh Harbour b-Part of Whale Passage c-Passing Guana Cay d-Chart Of Whale Cay Channel e-Kaye at Helm
a-Departing GTC for Marsh Harbour.jpg b-Part of Whale Passage.jpg c-Passing Guana Cay.jpg d-Chart Of Whale Cay Channel.jpg e-Kaye at Helm.jpg
f-PIKA Entering Marsh Harbour g-Chart of Marsh Harbour h-Marsh Harbour Sunset i-Cold Front Approaching Marsh Harbour j-Schooner 'KERWATIE' -07 034
f-PIKA Entering Marsh Harbour.jpg g-Chart of Marsh Harbour.jpg h-Marsh Harbour Sunset.jpg i-Cold Front Approaching Marsh Harbour.jpg j-Schooner 'KERWATIE' -07 034.jpg
k-TJ Making Morning Coffee l-Friends John and  Connie From Prince Edward Island, CANADA m-'Snorkel' Beach, Marsh Harbour    
k-TJ Making Morning Coffee.jpg l-Friends John and Connie From Prince Edward Island, CANADA.jpg m-'Snorkel' Beach, Marsh Harbour.jpg