Green Turtle Cay (January 2007)
SHEARWATER Southbound Cruise to the Bahamas.
Tom and Kaye Assenmacher (1975 A-37 MK-II)

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p-'Barbeque' Beach-3 q-'Barbeque' Beach-4 r-Bathing Beauties s-Fan Coral t-Sarah and Allissa at 'Barbeque' Beach
p-'Barbeque' Beach-3.jpg q-'Barbeque' Beach-4.jpg r-Bathing Beauties.jpg s-Fan Coral.jpg t-Sarah and Allissa at 'Barbeque' Beach.jpg
u-'Perfect Day' v-'Perfect Day-2      
u-'Perfect Day'.jpg v-'Perfect Day-2.jpg